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About Us

Serving the Pittsburgh area since 2011 as NC Hair Studio, we evolved so much it was time to create a completely new brand. Owner and master stylist, Nichole, has been a Balayage educator since 2019 and followed up with French cutting training in 2020. Over the past several years we've decided to focus on being the best we can in this niche.


We're here to deliver more than just root touch-ups and foils. We bring a very unique flavor of hair-dressing to the Pittsburgh beauty community.


Balayage is a very artistic way to create hair-color. We hand paint a majority of our clients to create an outstanding color experience. Accentuating your natural features by creating energy and movement within your hair.


Our expertise in French cutting also allows for a creative, elevated experience for our clients.

What is French haircutting?

The technique of French haircutting involves framing the face and taking into account the shape of the head. When receiving a French haircut, one is asked to stand so the stylist can cut the outline. The cut builds from the top-down, creating smooth, flowing layers.


If you're ready to experience something different in the salon, book your appointment today!

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