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Welcome! We can't wait  to meet you.

We are so happy you've found us, and can't wait to pamper you! 
Get ready to be


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We know that seeing a new stylist can feel overwhelming sometimes, so our goal is to make your first visit as smooth as possible.

Instead of trying to select from a long list of services, we have 3 new guest packages. Your first visit will include an extended consultation, along with some extra time and attention, which may mean the investment for your first visit is a bit more than what your maintenance will be.

At the end of your first visit, your stylist will customize a maintenance plan for you. From there, you can book your future appointments using our existing guest online booking.

Please select the option below that most fits your needs. If you're unsure which package you should select, choose a Consultation or email us at


Don't know what to choose? Let us help you! Come in for a consultation so we can establish a clear plan for your hair.

(15-20 minutes)



Choose this package if you feel "too blonde" and want to add depth and dimension to create a more youthful look.

Package includes: Balayage/depth, gloss, haircut, and style.

(2 hours)

Starting at $240


Our signature service! Choose this package if you are looking for hair with movement, energy, and dimension.

Package includes: Balayage. gloss, French haircut, and style.

(2-3 hours)

Starting at $250


Do you want to make a big change to your look? This package is for you if you want to make a bold impact.

Package includes: Foil highlights, balayage, gloss, French haircut, and style.

(3-4 hours)

Starting at $375

The Experience

Book your appointment

Start by choosing from one of our 3 new client packages above. If you're not sure which package is right for you, book a consultation and we'll help you decide.

We'll receive your appointment request and respond via phone and email within 1 business day to confirm and schedule your first visit.

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Arrive at the salon

On the day of your appointment, we ask that you arrive 10-15 minutes early so you have time to check-in, relax, and enjoy a beverage before your appointment begins.

We know your time is valuable, so we promise to always start your appointment on time.


You'll meet your stylist, and the magic will begin. Our top priority is making sure we understand your hair goals so we can deliver your desired results.

Your stylist will ask you questions about your color history, products you're currently using, your daily hair routine, and any challenges you're having. 

We'll create a clear plan for your visit and make sure all your questions are answered. We want you to be fully confident and ready before we begin!


Get French-ified!

Once we've come up with a game-plan for the day, your stylist will get to work making it come to life! Throughout your service, your stylist will share tips on how to maintain & style your new look at home.

Your appointment is YOUR time to relax and be pampered. Bring a book, laptop to work from, or TV show to enjoy if you'd like. We also offer an array of snacks and beverages to enjoy during your visit.

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